Use the Internet to review and research the Bootstrap framework.

Based upon your research address the following topics:

  1. Briefly describe Bootstrap and its primary uses.
  2. Bootstrap is a library of css that will allow for easy responsive web design. You emlplement Bootstarp by adding classes to the element you want the grid system to be applied too. Bootstrap also has a ton of other functions such as image responsive, table styleing, button styling and form field styles.

  3. What is a CSS framework?
  4. CSS framwork is a bunch of predetermained css rules (typicly in classes). So if you want to style a green button with bootstap you would add a class of .btn-success to whay you want to style.

  5. Why is Bootstrap referred to as a framework?
  6. Becuase it is a library of css that you use to style elements and grid system to make you website responsive.

  7. What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to using a framework?
  8. advantages: easy to implement, fast, takes a lot of the busy work out of building a web page.

    Disadvantages: You have to keep your version up to date, sometimes conflicts with other styles you may be trying to apply.

  9. List and describe at least five features or functions that Bootstrap provides as part of its framework.