Toast Grid

Based upon your research of the Responsive Design Framework address the following topics:

Identify the framework your researched.

  1. Who wrote or supports the framework?
  2. founded by Daniel Eden

  3. List some companies or organizations using this framework.
  4. I am not aware of any companies using this framwork.

  5. Briefly describe the framework and its primary features.
  6. This is a great grid framwork that drops easily into an existing project. It doesn't have much styling or changing fonts so that means less css conflicts when adding to the existing project. You can alter the columns in the source code to make it as many as you would like, giving you finer control. It has fixed width gutters. very good browser compatibility and takes very little code to start using.

  7. What are some of the advantages/disadvantages to using this framework?
  8. It doesn't have any font or pre-defined css styling

  9. What are some of the primary features or pre-built functions of this framework?
  10. really just the grid responsive design and that you can alter things in the source file so you can tailor it to your project.

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