HTTP cookies using Javascript

Please use the following instructions for this project.

Create a new home page and about page for this assignment or use one from one of your existing applications.

  1. Provide a link on the home page to the about page.
  2. Use a persistent (for 3 days) cookie to count the number of times the home page has been accessed. Display the results on the about page.
  3. Use a session cookie to store what website the user was viewing before coming to the home page. Display the result on the about page. The value of this cookie should only be set once when entering the home page.
  4. Create a button on the home page that will create a secured persistent (6 months) authentication cookie.
  5. The about page will check for the authentication cookie, if available display the about page, otherwise return to the home page.
  6. Create a button on the about page that will destroy all of the cookies so you can test this application.
  7. Present your project to the class. Discuss how your application works.

Bonus points for using AngularJS