Javascript Review

This exercise will give you a chance to refresh your javascript and HTML skills. Please create a page called jsReview.htm. Use javascript to complete the following tasks on that page.

  1. Create a function that will display today's date on the web page. Use that function to display the current date on the page.
  2. Create a form that will ask for a price and a quantity. Create a button that will pull that information from the form, multiply it together and display a correctly $ formatted result on the page. Display the result within a span element within a paragraph. The paragraph should say "Your total price will be: result goes here!"
  3. Enter an amount:

    Enter quantity:

    "Your total price will be:

  4. Create an array with three team names. Use a run time function that uses a loop to display the team names. Each name should be on a new line and should looking something like: Team 1: Bears